MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Clipping Raster Image Files

Raster Manager lets you perform non-destructive clipping of raster image attachments. Only one raster image at a time can be clipped. With the clip tools, you have the choice of either of two clipping modes:

  • Clip Boundary — lets you crop an image to display only the area of interest.
  • Clip Mask — lets you clip out a portion of the image. Masking can be used, for example, to clear an area for text display.

In either case, the clipping polygon can be an existing closed element, an existing fence, or you can place a block interactively.

When using the Clip tool from the Raster Manager dialog (Edit > Clip) you must first select an image or else the Clip menu item is disabled.

When using the Clip tool from the Raster group of the Attach tab, you have the choice of selecting the image before or after selecting the tool. If an image already is selected, prior to selecting the tool, then that image will be clipped. If no image is selected, then you can select the image after selecting the Clip tool.