MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Migrating Old Customizations to the Ribbon

You can easily migrate customizations such as Custom Tools, Toolboxes, Tasks, Main Tasks, and Legacy Menu customizations created in previous versions of MicroStation PowerDraft to the ribbon. These custom tasks and toolboxes can be converted to groups in the ribbon. The tools within the custom tasks and toolboxes are retained in the groups. The following table lists different ways in which old customizations can be migrated to the ribbon:

These custom items can be imported as Tab, Groups, Buttons or Split buttons depending on the type of ribbon component the item is imported (refer procedures To Add a Tool to a Custom Group, To Create a New Group from an Existing Group Toolbox Task or Menu, and To Create a New Tab from an Existing Tab or Main Task.)

Old Customization (Source) Added to (Target Container) Migrated Output (Component created)
Workflow task Workflow Tab
Any task, toolbox, or menu Tab Group
Any task, toolbox, or menu Group Split button
Any tool or menu item Group Button (Tool)

Once you migrate your old customizations to ribbon, you can change different properties such as group label, key tips, size of the tools, and so on.

The ribbon customizations are saved to the active file if that active file is a DGNLib specified by MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST. If the active file does not meet this requirement, then the customizations are saved to the file specified by MS_PERSONALDGNLIB. The ribbon customizations are saved in Personal.dgnlib file. Once you migrate your old customizations to the Personal.dgnlib file, you can delete your old DGNLib files or use the Customize dialog and delete the migrated items. Once old customizations are migrated to the ribbon, you can change ribbon specific properties such as change the group label, modify key tips, change size of the tools, and so on.

The Personal.dgnlib file is stored at a location pointed by MS_PERSONALDGNLIB configuration variable, which by default is inside %LOCALAPPDATA%\Bentley\<product_name>\<product_version>\prefs\ . To share the Personal.dgnlib file with other users, you will have to copy it to a location that is included in the MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST configuration variable.