MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Modifying Print Definition Properties

Print Organizer provides several methods to edit print definition properties for DGN, DWG, raster, and PDF, and each method is used in a different context. These methods are:

  • Properties and Modify Properties dialogs — Allow you to edit a group of print definition properties for one or more print definitions.
  • In-Place editing feature — Allows you to edit a single property for one or more print definitions by double-clicking the property in Print Organizer's right pane to change its value. You cannot edit properties that are not applicable to a fixed or variable print definition. For example, when you are editing a variable print definition, you cannot edit properties such as X size, Y size, or Scale, since these values are assigned by a print style.
  • Print Styles — Allow you to define and reuse named sets of print definition property values that are stored in the open DGN file or in a DGN library. Print styles can be applied when you are creating print definitions, or you can reference them on demand. Print styles are required when you create a variable print definition but are optional when creating fixed print definitions. For more information, see Print Styles.