MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Print Styles

Print styles are named sets of print definition properties, such as scale, rotation, and color, that are used to create print sets in a consistent and automated manner. A single print style can contain DGN/DWG, Raster, PDF, and Common settings. Common settings are used to specify a printer driver configuration file and/or a Windows printer name.

Using print styles, you can:

  • Store and reuse print definition property values.
  • Enforce drawing standards by using a particular scale or pen table.
  • Establish properties that pertain to the entire print set such as printer.
  • Apply default print definition property values when creating print definitions or changing printers.
  • Save time by reducing the need to retype plotting parameters for each plot.
  • Create a single print style containing DGN/DWG, Raster, PDF, and Common settings.

Print styles can be used in Print Organizer and the Print dialog. If you frequently make black and white plots at a special scale using a particular pen table, you can define a print style with these property values and apply them each time you make a plot.

Print styles are stored in a DGN library (*.dgnlib) or in the open DGN file. If a DGNLib contains print styles it must be stored in the location indicated by the MS_DGNLIBLIST_PRINTING configuration variable. Print styles will not be found if specified using any other search path configuration variables, such as MS_DGNLIBLIST.

Note: Print styles cannot be stored in a DWG file.