MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Place Elevation Callout

Used to place a single elevation callout or an interior elevation callout. An interior elevation callout contains multiple elevation callout wings in different directions. Optionally, it can also be used to create saved views and automate dynamic views. When saved views are added to the sheet, existing elevation callouts that have empty fields are updated with relevant information.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Detailing
  • Toolbox: Detailing Symbols

Elevation (Single) (icon)

Creates a single elevation callout.
Interior Elevation (icon)

Places an interior elevation callout. It can be used to create multiple elevation callout wings in different directions. For example, placing elevation callouts for four walls of a room.
Drawing Seed Defines the seed file from which the detailing symbol style will be used for the elevation callout.
Detailing Symbol Style Defines the detailing symbol style from the drawing seed. This style will be used by the section callout.
Show Detailing Symbol Style Settings (icon)

Opens the Detailing Symbol Styles dialog, in which you can create or edit a detailing symbol style.
Height Sets the height or extent to which the callout clips the model. It has the following options:
  • From View — The height is the same as the extent of the source saved view that is clipped by the callout.
  • From Model — The entire model is clipped.
  • User Defined — The value that you enter in the Height field becomes the height or extent to which the model is clipped.
Height (text field) (Available only when the Height drop-down is set to User Defined) Enter the value of the height or extent to which the callout should clip the model.
Annotation Scale (icon)

Used to turn on annotation scale. When this lock is on, the annotation scale is applied to the elevation callout.

By default, the annotation scale is taken from the model's Annotation Scale setting. You can change it only in the model's properties in the Properties dialog. The exception is when the model's Propagate Annotation Scale property is off. In that case, the annotation scale can be controlled independently for each element via its properties.

Create Drawing If on, the Create Drawing dialog opens after creating single elevation or interior elevation callout. This dialog is used for automating dynamic views. This check box is dimmed if the Drawing Seed option is set to none or if you are in an overlay file.

The Create Drawing dialog is optimized when using with the interior elevation callout. See Placing an Interior Elevation Callout for further details.

Tolerance (Available only when a point cloud is referenced in the model) Allows you to enter the maximum distance, in working units, from each side of the cut plane to points that will be considered as part of the plane.
Project Points to Cut Plane (Available only when a point cloud is referenced in the model) If on, the points within the specified tolerance range will be projected on the cut plane. If off, the points will be displayed at their real 3D location.
Note: You can snap on the points only if they are projected.