MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Placing an Interior Elevation Callout

An interior elevation callout contains multiple elevation callout wings placed in different directions. The interior elevation callout can be used to place views in different directions, for example, creating elevation callouts for four walls of a room.

The Create Drawing dialog is optimized when using with the interior elevation callout, that is, when you place the interior elevation callout with the Create Drawing check box turned on, the Create Drawing dialog opens only once. An elevation view for each elevation callout is created. If the Create Drawing Model check box is turned on, each elevation view is referenced in a separate drawing model and if the Create Sheet Model check box is turned on, then all the drawing models are attached in one sheet model. This reduces the efforts of applying separate dynamic view automation to each elevation callout of the interior elevation callout.

You can add more elevation callout to the existing interior elevation callout. You can also delete or rotate existing elevation callouts in the interior elevation callout.