MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Design File Settings Dialog, Stream Category

Consists of controls that are used to set how data points are sampled while using the Place Stream Line String tool and the Place Point or Stream Curve tool.

Stream settings. SD denotes the Stream Delta, q (theta symbol) denotes the Stream Angle, ST denotes the Stream Tolerance, The Stream Area is hatched, Circles represent sampled points, ×s represent recorded data points.

Stream Delta Sets the minimum distance, in working units, between sampled points (vertices in the stream line string or curve).

When the distance between the pointer's location and the previously sampled point exceeds the Active Stream Delta, the point is sampled and the Tolerance, Stream Angle, and Stream Area are applied to see if a data point should be recorded.

SD= [ mu:su:pu ]
Stream Tol(erance) Sets the maximum distance, in working units, between recorded data points. The distance from the most recently recorded data point is checked for each sampled point. If that distance exceeds the active stream Tolerance, the sampled point is recorded as a data point.
ST= [ mu:su:pu ]
Stream Angle Sets the angle, in degrees, that when exceeded, causes the last sampled point (not the current one) to be recorded as a data point. The pertinent angle is formed by the current sampled point and the two most recently sampled points.
Stream Area Sets the area that, when exceeded, causes a sampled point to be recorded as a data point. The pertinent area is the triangle formed by extending a line between each of the last two recorded data points and the sampled point. Units are square master units, and the value must be specified as a floating point number (for example, 110.0 or 1.1E2).
ACTIVE STREAM AREA [ square_mu ]
Acceptance Display If on, the status bar shows criteria being satisfied as data points are recorded with the Place Stream Line String or Place Point or Stream Curve tool. This is useful for adjusting the stream settings.