MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Place Stream Line String

Used to place a stream line string — primarily for tracing images. Many vertices can be defined without having to enter a large number of individual data points.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Placement > Place Multi-line split button
  • Toolbox: Linear Elements

The movement of the pointer is sampled, and data points are recorded based on the tool settings:

Delta Sets the minimum distance, in working units, between sampled points.
Tolerance Sets the maximum distance, in working units, between recorded data points.
Angle Sets the angle, in degrees, that when exceeded, causes the last sampled point to be recorded as a data point.
Area Sets the area that, when exceeded, causes a sampled point to be recorded as a data point.
Note: A line string element can have a maximum of 5000 vertices. If more than 5000 vertices are defined, a complex chain consisting of one or more line string elements is created.
Note: The tool settings can also be set in the Design File Settings box, in the Stream category.
Note: To place a stream curve, use the Place Point or Stream Curve tool.