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New and Changed in PowerPlatform CONNECT Edition Update 16

This topic summarizes the new features and enhancements in PowerPlatform CONNECT Edition Update 16.

Ability to assign a unique name to Tables

You can now define a unique table name and table description for each table. This name will display in the Description section of the Properties Dialog.

Ability to add placement points to Graphic and Shared cells

You can now also add placement points to Graphic and Shared cells. Earlier this functionality was only available for parametric cells.

Ability to convert Smart Solids to Parametric Solids using the Convert to Solid tool

You can now use the new option available in the Convert to Solid tool, to convert Smart solids to Parametric solid. This option will convert an existing smart solid to a parametric type without retrofitting a profile and adding any constraints; it will only change the type of solid.

Ability to define a Picklist from Excel and .dgnlib files and enhanced Picklist settings

You can now define a Picklist for an Item using Excel Files or DGN Files in the Picklist Option available in the Item Types dialog. Picklist Source allows you to choose from where the Picklist can be derived. The selected values of Picklist, if set as Excel Files are displayed in the properties of the selected Item type in the Attach Item dialog. You can also find these values in the Picklist Option in Properties Dialog.

Ability to define a Grid Shift file for a user defined Datum

You can now specify a Grid Shift file for a custom datum. You can select the method as Grid Shift Files and specify a desired grid shift file name in the Edit Datum Properties dialog.

Ability to edit VUE Render settings using the Render Setup Manager dialog

You can now produce sophisticated photo-realistic rendering with the VUE rendering engine. You can quickly render very high-quality images and animations from huge datasets using the Render Setup Manager .

Ability to fix a Placement Point while placing a parametric cell

You can now enable the setting to fix a placement point in the Place Parametric Cell dialog while placing a parametric cell. In a parametric cell with multiple placement points, you can choose a placement point to remain fixed after placement. This will fix the position of the cell with respect to the fixed placement point. Any variation applied to the cell will honor the position of the fixed placement point.

Ability to modify the design model with new option in the Synchronize View

You can now modify and use the View Attribute settings of View 1 and copy it to all the design models by setting the Synchronize View to Settings from Design Model in the Set Reference Presentation tool.

Ability to remove an item from the recently used list in the Ribbon Search

You can now remove any items from the Most Recently Used list in the Ribbon Search drop-down menu, using the corresponding remove icon.

Ability to search for a Picklist value in the Attach Item dialog

You can now search for a picklist value in the Attach Item Dialog from the search drop-down in the Properties section. You can also search for a value by name in the search box or choose values from the list.

Ability to control the visibility of Placement Points on elements in the View Attributes dialog

You can now turn on the Placement Point setting in the View Attributes dialog, Presentation section to show placements points on cells with placement points in the active view. Placement points will display only when the Show Placement Points option is selected in the reset menu for the cells after placement.

Enhancements in the Cut Solid with Curve tool

  • You can select multiple solids to cut.
  • You can use the drag line, window, or element (data point) method to select solids and cutting profiles.
  • Cut Direction will automatically adjust to follow the direction of curve of the cutting profile to create the cut. This eliminates the need to manually set the cut direction in the tool setting window.
  • You can use <Shift> to switch between inside and outside profile to cut. Cut Method field is removed from the tool settings
  • Orthogonal and Split Solid options are available as checkbox in the tool setting window.

Ability to search/filter cells in the Cell Library dialog

You can now search for cells by Name, Description, and Type in the Cell Library dialog using the List Filter icon in the dialog's toolbar

Ability to control the size of Text Subscript and Superscript using Key-ins

You can use the following key-ins to adjust the size of subscript and superscript text in custom Text Styles:



Ability to Create New Variables and New Expressions from Dimensional Constraint tools

You can now create a new variable to use while applying dimensional constraints to elements. You can also create a new expression to apply to a variable in the drop-down menu that opens while applying or editing a dimensional constraint. This menu will also display any available variables.

Ability to apply changes to a variable's value to all variations

You can use the option, Update all variations in the variable's right-click menu to apply the changes made to its value to all the available variations. This option is available only for Local variables in the Variables dialog.

Ability to select an element and view its properties in Text Favorite Manager with Select Element

You can now select an element and view its properties with the Select Element button newly added in the Text Favorite Manager.

One Configuration

As a user or an organization working on a project using multiple Bentley products, you can now manage your project standards with One Configuration. There will now be a single configuration folder shared by the different products. Individual products will however have the ability to extend the configuration and resource files (for example .cfg, .cells, .dgnlibs, etc.). One Configuration will NOT disrupt your current CONNECT Configurations. One Configuration will simply align the configuration of different Bentley products to avoid conflicts. One Configuration works with WorkSpaces utilizing Configuration Sets that use various combinations of standards to meet your organization's needs. These Configuration Sets can be easily adopted by other organizations that you work with.

Upgraded Parametric Cell workflows to merge updated item type library information

You can now update a parametric cell with a newer version having updated item type and parametric information. You can also place a parametric cell with updated item type libraries in a DGN that has older item type libraries attached.

RealDWG 2022 Support

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is now updated to support RealDWG 2022, the latest RealDWG engine for best compatibility.

About Technology Preview Features

Some features in this update are provided as Technology Preview.
Note: Take advantage of this Technology Preview, a non-public software service and/or application for evaluation purposes only. Please use the Technology Preview in your normal business environment as needed to form an opinion concerning the performance of the Technology Preview. Bentley personnel would welcome your valued feedback concerning the performance of the Technology Preview as you evaluate the capabilities. Please be aware that at some point, you may receive notice from Bentley that such use must cease or this Technology Preview will become unavailable to you. As we receive feedback, this Technology Preview may also be enhanced, updated or also discontinued without notice. As a Technology Preview, it is provided to you "as-is" without the benefit of any Bentley warranty, indemnity or support obligation.

(Technology Preview) Ability to Extract faces and edges from Smart solids

You can now extract faces and edges from Smart solids. After extraction the faces and edges will maintain their association with the parent solids. Smart solids will get converted to Parametric solids after extraction.

(Technology Preview) Ability to Modify and Update Sheet Properties

You can now modify and update the sheet index properties of a sheet in the Manage Sheet Index setting available in the Explorer Dialog, Sheet Index Tab.

(Technology Preview) Ability to use Quick Element Information

You can now view the Quick Element Information for a selected element using <ALT> + Reset. A pop-up menu is displayed with the general description of the element.

Deprecated Features

CONNECT Advisor - The CONNECT Advisor's features will be combined with CONNECTION Client.

Luxology - Luxology Rendering is replaced by VUE Rendering. VUE render engine supports more advanced rendering capabilities. Features related to Luxology Rendering are removed. However, you can export to Luxology (.lxo) files and render in Modo.

The following dialogs are no longer available:
  • Luxology Render Dialog
  • Effects Manager Dialog
The Luxology render mode has been removed from the following:
  • Save Image Multiple
  • Save Panorama
  • Record Animation
  • Material Preview
  • Light Preview

Vector Icons - The vector icon workflow is affected by the deprecation of Luxology rendering. Luxology rendering and generating icons are no longer available in this update.

Features Moved from Technology Preview to Commercial Release