AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

Comments Tracking

AssetWise CONNECT Edition Asset Lifecycle Information Management, allows for comments tracking and responses. Comments Tracking takes place in the context of Document review workflows. This feature provides text-based review on one or more documents submitted for review in the context of a Task based workflow that is of the class type "Survey". Multiple comments can be added against each document and are identified by a comment subject, for example, "Page 12 – paragraph 2". The Task based workflow must be configured with a relationship to the required survey templates. For more information about how to set up AssetWise CONNECT Edition for Comments Tracking, see "Comments Tracking", in the AssetWise CONNECT Edition Implementation Guide .

Comment Decision Status

Documents are listed with their decision statuses and the number of comments and replies for each decision. For example,

The following chart describes each of the commenting Decision Statuses (Types):

Icon Decision Status (Type)
No response, or the current user does not have the authority to view ongoing decisions
Decision is pending
Accepted with clarifications
Note: Decision titles for each comment status are user-definable. For more information, see AssetWise CONNECT Edition Implementation Guide .

If the system has been configured with Task action notifications enabled, the process described in this section will provide server-generated email notifications to users who are expected to perform certain actions on the various workflow tasks. For example, when a comments tracking workflow task arrives in a users's Work Exchange Inbox, that user will receive an email notification.