MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Syntax Notes for the XY Key-in

The syntax of precision input key-ins includes provisions for the following:

  • Specifying the view in which the data point is entered. The view number optionally follows the last coordinate, distance, or angle.

    For example, the key-in XY=,,1 enters a data point at the global origin of the design plane in View 1. The equivalent key-in in 3D is XY=,,,1.

  • Entering multiple data points. A number following a "|" character at the end of a precision input key-in indicates how many data points to enter. (The default is 1.)

    For example, the key-in DL=15|3 enters three data points at incremental distances of 15 master units from the last tentative point or data point.

    AccuDraw does not provide a means for entering multiple data points in this manner.

  • An omitted value in a precision input key-in is assumed to be 0.

    For example, the key-in DL=,5:4 is equal to DL=0,5:4.