gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Help


The Primary group is a launch point for commonly used tools.

Ribbon: Home

Setting Description
Manages project data using the Explorer dialog.
Attach Tools:
  • References
  • Raster Manager
  • Point Clouds
  • Reality Mesh

References - Manages reference attachments using the References dialog.

Raster Manager - Manages raster reference attachments using the Raster Manager dialog.

Point Clouds - Imports, controls, visualizes and manipulates point cloud images using the Point Clouds dialog.

Reality Mesh - Attaches and manipulates reality meshes using the Reality Mesh Attachments dialog.


Displays the Models dialog, which allows you to create a new model, copy a model, edit model properties, delete and import models, create a sheet boundary, and list any filters.

Level Display
Turns levels on and off using the Level Display dialog.

Level Manager
Controls level display and level symbology for the open DGN/DWG file and attached references.
Reviews or modifies information about an element(s), such as its type, attributes, and geometry.
  • Key-in
  • Toggle Accudraw
  • Auxiliary Coordinates
  • Saved Views
  • Cells
  • Markups
  • Details
  • Window List

Key-in - Opens the Key-in window.

Toggle Accudraw - Turns on/off AccuDraw, and the display of the AccuDraw window, which is used to facilitate data point entry.

Auxiliary Coordinates - Opens the Auxiliary Coordinates dialog, which is used to name, save, attach, delete, import or view an auxiliary coordinate system (ACS) and to select ACS tools.

Saved Views - Manages saved views using the Saved Views dialog.

Cells - Creates and manages cells in a Cell Library.

Markups - Reviews markups and comments made in the design through the Markups dialog.

Details - Displays information related to what is selected in any of the tabs of the Explorer dialog.

Window List - Displays information related to what is selected in any of the tabs of the Explorer dialog