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Datasource Properties - Settings - Global delete restrictions

Global delete restrictions

  • Default
  • Admin only
  • Owner
    • Folder owner
    • Document owner

Datasource Properties - Settings - Miscellaneous


  • Grant implicit 'Change Permissions' rights to owners of projects, folders, and documents
  • Move deleted document files to the Recycle Bin on storage
  • Enable 'Deleted Items' folder
  • Keep items in 'Deleted Items' folder for:
  • Force case-insensitive search
  • Display Access Control tab in Preview Pane

Datasource Properties - Settings - Projects


  • Folder for template projects:

Datasource Properties - Settings - Network


  • Enable Delta File Transfer
  • Compress client/server request data
  • Enable file transfer connection sharing

Datasource Properties - Settings - Documents


  • Creation in workflow
    • Put created document into first workflow state having create permission
    • Folder state does not prevent document creation
  • Allow several users to fetch documents to the same location
  • Update Access Control Cache on Document Delete
  • Force file name to be the same as document name

Datasource Properties - Settings - Versions


  • Generate version string for first document version
  • Use numeric version strings
  • Put created version into first workflow state having create permission
  • Document having versions can be moved
  • Lock flat set documents to versions
  • Lock reference documents to versions
  • Prompt user to update master document’s reference versions on open

Datasource Properties - Settings - Most Recently Used Lists

Most Recently Used Lists

  • Maximum number of recent items to show
  • Time period to keep records

Datasource Properties - Settings - Engineering Components

Engineering Components

  • Display Components in ProjectWise Clients
    • Folder for saved component searches:
    • Folder for component images:

Datasource Properties - Settings - Web Components

Web Components

  • Default ProjectWise Publishing Server
  • Design Compare Utility Address

Datasource Properties - Settings - Event System

Event System

  • Enable folder copy server event notifications
  • Enable document copy server event notifications

Datasource Properties - Settings - Federated Identity

Federated Identity

  • Associate identity with user account by e-mail address
  • Prompt user to associate identity
  • Allow user group membership updates by identity claims
  • Apply identity filter when synchronizing Bentley IMS users

Datasource Properties - Audit Trail Settings


  • User Created
  • User Deleted
  • User Renamed
  • User Modified
  • User Setting Modified
  • User Disabled
  • User Enabled
  • User Logged in
  • User Logged out

User Settings - Working Directory

Working Directory

  • Allow user to change working directory
  • When Using ProjectWise Explorer
    • Node identifier
      • Use the user's host computer name or user name
      • Use a global unique identifier (GUID)
      • Use a logical name
  • When Using ProjectWise Web Server

User Settings - General


  • Allow user to change general settings
  • Credential expiration policy
    • Server default
    • No expiration
    • Custom value
  • Use access control
  • Can only login through Web View Server

User Settings - User Interface

User Interface

  • Allow user to change user interface settings
  • Can edit sets
  • Can edit versions
  • Show dialog on error
  • Show progress indicator during file transfers
  • Show Select Reference Documents dialog
  • Show Local Document Organizer on log out
    • Do not show
    • Show always
    • Show in ProjectWise Explorer only
  • Show descriptions instead of names
  • Use URN links
  • Select last used folder in ProjectWise Explorer
  • Show file properties
  • Show document thumbnail in preview pane
  • Show full text search
  • Document Properties - Attribute Tabs
    • Confirm when saving changes
    • Open last viewed tab
  • Search Form
    • Open Attributes tab first

User Settings - Administrative


  • Allow user to change administrative settings
  • Enable as delegate user
  • Enable group and user list ownership
  • Display Access Control tab in Preview Pane
  • Datasource - Usage of Recycle Bin
  • Storage Area
  • Client Licensing
    • Activate and record usage through connected Integration Server
    • Activate and record usage through client's configured SELECT Server

User Settings - Network Transfer

Network Transfer

  • Allow user to change client/server network settings
  • Enable Delta File Transfer
  • Compress client/server request data
  • Enable file transfer connection sharing

User Settings - Document


  • Allow user to change document settings
  • Can create
  • Can create version
  • Can modify
  • Can delete
  • Can free
  • Can set final status
  • Can remove final status
  • Can change state
  • Use local recycle bin on free
  • Leave local copy on check in
  • Leave local copy on free
  • Use up to date local copy on check out
  • Use up to date local copy on copy out
  • Use captive environment

User Settings - Document List

Document List

  • Allow user to change document list settings
  • Show subfolders
  • Double click action
  • Refresh display
  • Show tooltips
  • Show all versions

User Settings - Folder


  • Allow user to change folder settings
  • Can create
  • Can modify
  • Can delete
  • Can change workflow or state
  • Show folder hierarchy

User Settings - Message Folders

Message Folders

  • Allow user to change message folder settings
  • Enable message polling
  • Show message folders
  • Can create
  • Can modify
  • Can delete
  • Can move
  • Can access items
  • Can modify items

User Settings - Custom Folders

Custom "folders" - should be Custom "Folders"

User Settings - Global User Lists

User Settings - Document Creation Conflicts

User Settings - Audit Trail

User Settings - Managed Configuration

Managed Configuration

  • Allow user to change Managed WorkSpace Profiles settings
  • Allow user to change export error handling
  • Can edit personal configuration variables
  • Show datasource level options
  • Show personal configuration tab
  • Export relative path errors handling
    • Prompt user
    • Fail on error
    • Ignore invalid relative path errors

User Settings - Work Area (project)

Work Area

  • Can create and upgrade from folders
  • Can change types and properties
  • Can delete

Search by Form dialog

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Preview Pane tabs

Document Properties

Work Area Properties

Folder Properties

ProjectWise Project Portal

Personal Portal

Photo Preview


Dependency Viewer

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Project / Folder Properties dialog - tab and controls

Audit Trail

ProjectWise Project






Workflow & State



ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings dialog - tabs and controls

ProjectWise Network


Prevent UDP for DNS and Listing

IPv6 Enabled

IPv6 Preferred

DNS Services

Prevent UDP

Datasource Listing




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