gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Help

What's New in gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Update 2

Level Prefix

Lets you specify a prefix that will be added at the beginning of the level name. For example, if Geotech is specified, then each level to be created will start with Geotech_

In this example, each borehole will be created on a different level and the level name will start with “BoreholeNo_”

Consolidate Adjacent Like Sections

Merge identical adjacent like elements into one based on the identifier.

Option is not checked Option has been checked

Preserve Diameter in Cross Section

If not checked, the diameter will be preserved.

Auto Annotate Boreholes

Saves the annotation settings to the active configuration and reused every time the data is queried.

Increment Values for the Place Borehole tool

Facilitates the borehole creation process, without reselecting the tool when multiple boreholes are created.

Query Improvements

Query and Query All

Query: Lets you select the borehole(s) to be retrieved.

Query All: Retrieves automatically all the boreholes from the gINT Project.