gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Help


The Selection group is used to select and deselect elements for modification or manipulation.

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Element Selection

Selects and deselects elements on a per element basis, by defining an area, or by drawing a line that intersects them.

Select All

Selects all elements in the design.

Select None

Deselects all elements in the design.


Locks selected elements.


Unlocks selected locked elements.

Bring to Front

Brings selected elements to the front of the view display.

Fence Tools

  • Place Fence
  • Modify Fence
  • Manipulate Fence Contents
  • Delete Fence Contents
  • Drop Fence Contents
  • Save Fence to File
  • Named Boundary

Place Fence - Places a fence.

Modify Fence - Moves a fence or modify one of its vertices.

Manipulate Fence Contents - Moves, copies, rotates, mirrors, scales, or stretches fence contents, which are defined by a fence and (except for stretching) the Fence (Selection) Mode.

Delete Fence Contents - Deletes the fence contents.

Drop Fence Contents - Breaks up the contents in a fence into their components.

Save Fence to File - Copies or moves the contents of the active fence to a new DGN or DWG file.

Named Boundary - Manages named boundaries and boundary groups using the Named Boundary dialog.


Cuts selected elements to the clipboard.


Copies selected elements to the clipboard.

  • Paste
  • Paste Special

Paste - Pastes elements from clipboard.

Paste special - Applies a special display format to the contents of the Clipboard.