gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Help

What's New in gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Update 5

Borehole Decoration Size

By default, the value is set to 1 unit of resolution. If the DGN is in meter, it will be one meter. When the size is edited, this new value will be used the next time boreholes will be queried from the gINT Project.

Interpretation Points

Note: This feature is a Technology Preview.

Created in a cross-section view, they can be used to widen the footprint of a road alignment for example, to include the pit in the cut and fill calculation.

Create Interpretation

Select an existing borehole and place the new one. Optionally, you can specify a Name, User and Comment to keep trace of who and why this interpretation point has been added to the DGN file.

Edit Lithology Layer

To edit the different lithology layer, select it to change its size. Selecting two adjacent layers let you easily change the depth.

Update Interpretation

The Interpretation point will display in the 3D view

Interpretation points can be included (or not) when creating meshes. To do so, select the Use All Boreholes and Interpretation Points option from the Create Mesh from Vertical Boreholes dialog.


  • It is not possible to create interpretation point in a cross section created in a previous version of gINT Civil Tools. The cross section must be recreated.
  • References:
    • The model that contains the borehole, the model that contain the alignment and the cross-section model must be in the same DGN file.
    • If you select a borehole in reference (same DGN) when creating the cross-section model and you create an interpretation point from that borehole, it will end up in the referenced model itself, not in the model that attaches the reference.
  • Boreholes that have plunge/bearing cannot be used to create interpretation point.
  • When creating or updating interpretation points, they will use some of the settings (such as the size) defined in the connectivity dialog.
  • 3D interpretation points are placed on a level called "Boreholes_Interpretation".