gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus Help

Introduction to gINT Civil Tools

gINT Civil tools is a power product (standalone application based on the MicroStation platform) that is delivered with gINT. It allows gINT users to load gINT data in 2d models (mapping workflow for drilling plan creation and preliminary studies), as well as in 3d for subsurface interpretation and BIM workflows

gINT Civil Tools can connect to the gINT database (Access or SQL Server) to query, display in plan, display in 3D and display in a Civil profile any borehole from the gINT database. Additionally, you can create a MicroStation terrain model representation from a selection of or all points in your project for a given type of lithology. A smoother surface may also be generated by using an interpolation algorithm that generates a smoother and more attractive terrain model.

User Interface

The user interface is the CONNECT Edition interface, with two workflows (ribbons), Drawing, which hosts the MicroStation tools, and Geotechnical, which comes with gINT tools and workflows. The following graphic shows the Geotechnical ribbons.

  • Home - most common tools (symbolization, selection, models, etc.). Access Geotechnical help from this ribbon.
  • gINT Projects - tools for connecting to gINT projects and loading data
  • Site Map - tools for 2D mapping workflows (preliminary study, drilling plan creation)
  • 3D Modeling -tools for subsurface creation