gINT Administrator Help

Creating a New Library

When you click Create, the "Create a new library" dialog will display.

Note: When creating a Library iModel, it is now possible to use an existing one.
  • Optional: It is possible to create a library based on an existing one. To do so, select the existing library from the "Create From" drop-down list.

Browse for your gINT data template or project as well as your gINT Library:

Note: Once a new Library iModel is created and the Borehole section is displayed, the user must create a form for the Borehole before creating the Project or Data Collection Forms.

Sync Option

Block synchronization on the gINT Collector app when required properties are missing.

When turned on, the gINT Collector user will not be allowed to sync if one of the required properties is missing in one of the forms. A dialog will inform the user about missing properties.

When off (default), the user is notified that some required properties are missing, however, sync is not blocked. Handling those cases when importing the data back into gINT Project then becomes the responsibility of the project administrator.

This setting applies to every form that is part of the Library iModel.

Delete an iModel

To delete an iModel, you must select the List View. A garbage icon will display.

A message will display, asking the user to confirm.