gINT Administrator Help

Upload Plan

Upload Plan tool is used to create an iModel in the iModelHub that will contain the list of planned boreholes. This iModel will also contain the form that has been stored in the Library iModel (created by the administrator) since every Drilling Plan is created from an existing Library iModel.


  • Workset must be linked to a CONNECT Project

    To do so, from the work page (accessible when you close a DGN or when starting the application), Right-click on a WorkSet and select Edit WorkSet.

    For more information on how to assign a CONNECT project to a WorkSet, please refer to MicroStation Documentation on

  • Connection to a gpj must be open
  • DGN file must have a Coordinate System
  • At least one borehole must be selected

The Upload Plan tool will open the Create Drilling Plan and Upload to iModelHub dialog:




Specify the name of the drilling plan that will be created, as an iModel.



Type a description for this iModel.


Select a Library, created by the gINT Administrator.


Name of CONNECTED project, currently assigned to the WorkSet. Library drop down list display the iModels stored in this project.