SYNCHRO Control Help


The Tasks module displays all the tasks. To open the Tasks module select the Tasks icon from the left panel. You can view the Tasks module with the Scheduler view, Map view or Table view. The table view shows the list of tasks in a table, and the Scheduler view shows the tasks on a calendar. The Map view shows the tasks in relation to the map. By default the Tasks are displayed in the Scheduler view. You can change the view by selecting Scheduler, Map or Table from the top right drop-down.

Scheduler View

To see the tasks in the Scheduler view, select Scheduler from the top right drop-down. The tasks display on the appropriate days of the month. Today's date is highlighted on the calendar in gray. You can change the month at the top of the calendar by clicking the forward or backward arrows. To show the current month click "Today."

By clicking Day, you can open the Day view to see the tasks for a specific day. You can go back to the month view by clicking Month.

Day View

The Day View shows all the tasks for the day at their appropriate times on a timeline for the day. You can click Show business hours at the bottom to only see tasks within business hours. To go back to seeing the full day, click Show full day. You can change the day that you are viewing by clicking the forward or backward arrows at the top of the calendar.

Map View

If you assigned a map location when you set up the project, the Map View opens to that location.

If you click the Navigate to my location icon in the Map view, you will be asked if your physical location can be tracked. If yes, the screen displays a map of your current location.

Table View

In the Table View, the tasks display in a list which displays Task, ID, Subject, State, Status, Created By, Assigned To, Comment, Due Date, Priority, Date Identified, Description, Type, and Location.

When you click the ID of the task, the Issue details window opens where you can edit the Issue. From the Actions drop-down in the top right, you can also click Export to PDF. When you click this, the issue is downloaded to your computer.

The Issue Details window has three tabs, Details, Comments, and Audit trail. On the Details tab, you can view and edit the Subject, Date Identified, Description, Type, and Location. From the Comments tab, you can view any comments that have been added to the issue and you can write comments in the comment box and then click Add comment to attach your comment to the issue. From the Audit trail tab, you can see when the issue was created and who created it, and you can see everything that happened to the issue from that point. When you are finished editing the Issue, click Save. Or if you do not want to save your edits, click Cancel.