SYNCHRO Control Help

To Register a Project

  1. Sign in to the SYNCHRO Control site.

    The SYNCHRO Control homepage opens.

    If you have no projects, the homepage displays no projects and a button labeled Register a project in the middle of the screen. If you already have a project but you want to create another new project, the Register a project button is in the top right of the screen.

  2. To create a new project, select the Register a project button. The Register a Project page opens at the Project Information tab.
  3. On the Project information tab, enter the Project Number and Project Name, and select the Time Zone, Billing Country, and Data Center Location from the drop-down. You can enter the Project location by typing the location in the Project location field, or by selecting the + button next to the Project location field. A map opens where you can find your Project location. You can scroll the map by dragging with your mouse. You can zoom in and out with the - and + buttons in the top right. If you do not want to select the project location, you can exit the map by selecting the X icon at the bottom of the map. You can search the map by selecting the Search icon in the top right and typing in the search box that opens. The map displays your search results. By default, the map displays satellite imagery. You can remove the Search results and the Satellite imagery from the map by selecting the Toggle layer control tool in the top right. A dialog box opens where you can turn off or turn on the toggles labeled Search Results and Satellite. To move the map to your current location, select the Navigate to my location button in the bottom right. If a dialog box opens asking you to allow SYNCHRO Control to access your location, select Allow. The map moves to your current location. To identify your project location on the map, select points on the map that define the borders of your project's location. When you have identified your project location, select the checkmark icon at the bottom of the map and the map exits and the Project information tab displays. The icon next to the Project location field displays a Checkmark icon because you have selected a Project location. You can select the Checkmark icon to open the map again, or you can select the X on the Checkmark icon to remove the Project location.
  4. When you have entered the Project information on the Project information tab, select Next. The Pick Template tab opens.
  5. Select your desired Template from the Templates drop-down.
  6. Select Next. the Configure Template tab opens.
  7. From the Configure Template tab, you can select the items you want to copy from the template. To select an item click the checkbox next to it. To see information about the item, mouse-over the information icon to the right of the item.
  8. Once you have entered the Project Information and picked and configured a template from the appropriate tabs, select the Register button at the bottom of the Register a Project page. If you want to go back and modify information on a previous tab you can select the Back button. If you decide not to register a project, you can also select the Cancel button. When you select the Register button, the page displays the progress of the project registration. When the project is successfully registered, the page displays the Done button at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Select the Done button and the Project homepage opens.