SYNCHRO Control Help

Working with Files and Folders


Creating a Folder

To create a new folder, click the Create Folder button, Type in a name and click Create. A new folder will be created in the current folder.

Uploading a File

To upload a file, click the Upload File(s) button and from the Open Dialog select a file or use the <Shift> or <CTRL> buttons to select multiple files. Then click open.

Viewing File Properties

To view a file's properties, select a file then click the Information Panel button.

In Progress

To view files as they are uploaded, click the Progress Indicator icon.

Downloading Items

To download files or folders, select a file or folder or multiple files or folders and then click the Download button.

Moving Items

To move files or folders to a another folder, select a file or folder or multiple files or folders and click the button.

From the Move Items dialog, select a folder or create a new folder using the Add New Folder button. Then click the Move button.

Deleting Items

To delete files or folders, select the items and then click the more icon and the Delete button.

Recycle Bin/Document View

Toggles between the Recycle Bin and the Document View Sections.

Restoring Items

To restore files or folders to their original location, select the items and click the Restore icon.

Permanently Deleting Items

To permanently delete file(s) and/or folder(s), select and click the Permanently Delete button. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.

Renaming Items

To rename a file or folder, select a file or folder and click the Rename Item button. Rename the item, then click the Rename button to complete the process.

Office Integration

By clicking the Office document, you can launch the online viewer. If you have a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, you can edit the document online and it is automatically saved to Share.

File Locking

You can lock files in the Share portal and in synchronized folders by clicking the more button and selecting Lock File. The file is locked for your use in the Share portal and on the desktop. You can unlock from either the portal or the desktop.

PDF Markups

Folder permissions