SYNCHRO Control Help

To Change an Issue

  1. Open SYNCHRO Control and from the homepage, select the project in which you want to work.
  2. Click the Office module icon.
  3. Click Issue in the pane that opens. A list of all the issues in the project displays. On the Issue page you also have the option to create a new issue, assign items, or rename the issue and also to export the issue to a PDF or export the view to Microsoft Excel.
  4. Select the issue you want to change. The issue line is highlighted.
  5. Click the ID number. The Issue details window opens.
  6. In the Details tab, make any changes.
  7. Click Map Location if you want to review or change the location of the issue.
  8. In the Comments tab, enter any additional comments regarding the issue or our changes to the issue.
  9. From the Actions drop-down, click Export to PDF.
  10. When finished, click Save or Save and Close.