SYNCHRO Control Help

To Markup the PDF

  1. From the SYNCHRO Control project homepage list of modules, click Documents. On the Files tab, a list of the folders and documents in the project displays.
  2. Click the file that you want to which you want to add notations. Or you can click a folder to see any files included in the folder. The document opens.
  3. Use the view control tools to manipulate the view.
    Panel View or hide the panel that shows thumbnails, outline or navigation folder
    View control Transition View page by page or continuously
    View control Layout View layout by single page, double page, cover page
    View control Rotate Rotate view either counter clockwise or clockwise
    Pan view View a different part of the design without changing the view magnification
    Select Select and deselect elements for manipulation
    Zoom (Marquee) Zoom in on a particular area of your document
    Zoom in Increase the magnification of a view
    Zoom out Decrease the magnification of a view
    Page size Increase or decrease the view of the page
  4. Use the markup tools to add text and make any notations.
    Freehand tools Displays several color options to make pencil notations in the file
    Text tools Displays several color options for adding text, as well as underline, squiggly or strikethrough
    Shape tools Displays shapes such as rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow, polyline, polygon, cloud that you can add to the drawing
    Signature Opens a dialog that allows you to create your signature, save it and have it available to add to the file
    Free Text Opens a text box to add text
    Callout Allows you to add a symbol or text to a feature in a certain part of the drawing
    One Click Issue Opens the Publish Issue dialog
    Miscellaneous tool: Stamp Allows you to import a file to add to the issue
  5. When finished, click One Click Issue icon. The Publish Issue dialog opens.
  6. Complete the fields and click Publish Issue.
  7. Back in the Files tab Documents list, your marked up file is listed. If it is a PDF, it will have the same name as the original with a .xfdt extension.