STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Readme

STAAD Foundation Advanced

The following identifies the new features and enhancements that have been added in the CONNECT Edition V9 Update 3 of STAAD Foundation Advanced, which is installed with STAAD.Pro.

  • Generation of Load Combinations per ASCE 7-2016

    In the General and Toolkit modes of STAAD Foundation Advanced, load combinations can now be generated per the ASCE standard titled ASCE 7-16 - Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures. In order to generate combinations using this code, the basic load cases need to be assigned one of the following types in STAAD Foundation Advanced.

  • Combined Footing Design

    STAAD Foundation Advanced now supports the standards for foundation design for China GB 50007-2011 Code for design of building foundation for the analysis and design of combined footings.

  • Implementation of the ASCE Metric Bar database

    For all the foundation types in STAAD Foundation Advanced for which design can be performed per the metric editions of the ACI 318 code, the reinforcing bar database that is used henceforth is per the specifications of that edition. Most of these editions have an Appendix where the bar details are listed.

  • Implementation of the Australian Reinforce Bar Database

    For all the foundation types in STAAD Foundation Advanced for which design can be performed per the Australian code AS3600-2018, the reinforcing bar database per the Australian standards is now available. The source of this information is the Australian standard AS/NZS 4671:2001 with Amendment No.1.

  • Pilecap module – identifying the individual piles with a number

    For the pilecap module, in the various places where the pile arrangement is available in pictorial form, each pile is now annotated with a number for quick identification. This enables easier correlation between the pile and the forces in the pile as reported in the tables for oneway shear, punching shear, etc., in the calc report.

  • Viewing the pile reactions for a mat foundation on piles

    For mat foundations on piles, a table that shows the pile reactions for all the piles of the current mat job for the selected load case is now available for viewing from a table named "Pile Reactions" in the output pane. Please note that the selected load case should be part of the current mat job if its reactions are to be displayed. This is because, the reactions are calculated only for those load cases which are included in the job and analyzed. Hence, if the selected load case it is not included in the job, the table will be blank for that case.

Refer to the STAAD Foundation Advanced help for details and a list of other, minor enhancements and bug fixes.