STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Readme

Considerations Before Installing

Please read the following items prior to beginning installation to ensure the process performs as expected.

Note: STAAD.Pro is compatible with Windows 8 x64, and Windows 10 x64 operating systems only. Please refer to the Requirements file for a complete list of compatible Windows operating systems and minimum system requirements.

Internet Connection

The Installer package attempts to install any missing prerequisites prior to installing STAAD.Pro. Some third party prerequisites are not included in the package installer so the Installer package attempts to download them from the Internet and initiate their installation for you (a bootstrap installer, as described in To Install STAAD.Pro ). Therefore, an Internet connection may be required to complete the installation process.

Windows Administration Privileges

Even if you are logged in as a user with administrative privileges, certain programs may require confirmation to be run with administrative privileges. By default, a Windows Explorer process runs with standard user privileges, even if the login ID has full administrative privileges. To overcome this, the installer may request to run with administer privileges when launched. Please provide administrator credentials (if requested) and accept this dialog before proceeding.