STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Readme

What's New in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, Build ( 25 July 2017)

This document outlines fixes and last minute changes. Also refer to the What's New section of the Online Help for Major New Features.

(A) The Analysis/Design engine (03)

A) 01 The deflection checks in the AS 4100 steel design have been improved to correct an issue introduced in the last release for the deflection checks applied to physical members . This had a side effect on the parameters DFF, DJ1 and DJ2 when used with the options MEMBER or ALL and resulted in the design reporting the parameters as invalid.

A) 02 The French steel design module has been updated to support profiles that have been defined in the European RHS, CHS or SHS tables.

A) 03 The BS5950 steel design routine has been updated to correct an issue with reading any specified stiffener spacing. The spacing was not being converted to the current units and being taken as defined in metres. Additionally the calculation of the spacing / depth used in the shear buckling calculation has been improved.


(B) The Pre-Processing Mode (08)

B) 01 The processing of models where an analytical member has been included in multiple beams has been improved. This is not a supported configuration. Models with this arrangement are now caught and a warning message displayed. Previously this would have caused the application to crash when attempting to form new physical members.

B) 02 The menu shortcuts to the plate specification dialog for Plane Stress and Ignore Stiffness have been corrected so they link o the correct tabs.

B) 03 The user Interface has been completely reformatted using a ribbon style interface and logic as found in MS Office applications such as Word and Excel.

B) 04 Settings that were being saved at the end of a STAAD.Pro session were not being re-read back, so the program was reverting back to default settings. Now the settings are being re-read and used in future sessions.

B) 05 The GUI dialog for adding or editing a response spectrum load has been modified to ensure that the options 'Dominant' and 'Sign' cannot be both defined together a this is not a supported configuration. Also, if a file is processed that has both options defined on a command line, then this is now reported as an error.

B) 06 If a Canadian steel design code S16-2001 definition includes a CLASS 4 specification, saving the file was resulting n the parameter being re-written as CLASS 1. This was corrected in build but not documented.

B) 07 The limit of only allowing 11 User Tools has been lifted.

B) 08 The STAAD.Pro Analytical Modelling workflow has been modified such that if there is analytical data created from a Physical Workflow, then there will be a lock on those sections of the UI that are managed by the physical model.


(C) The Post-Processing Mode (00)



(D) The Steel Design Mode (01)

D) 01 The Steel Design Workflow has been disabled for this release.


(E) The Concrete Design Mode (00)



(F) The RAM Connection Mode (03)

F) 01 The RAM Connection workflow has been enhanced with support of the profiles defined in the European database, DIL, PIPE, HD Shape, HL Shape, RHS, SHS and CHS tables.

F) 02 The RAM Connection workflow has been enhanced to include design options of connections to the Indian IS 800:2007 code.

F) 03 The RAM Connection Workflow has been updated to support angle profiles in the Indian steel database that have been defined as double profiles. In earlier versions of STAAD.Pro, the use of such profiles would cause the program to crash.


(G) The Advanced Slab Design Mode (00)



(H) The Piping Mode (01)

H) 01 The Piping Workflow has been disabled for this release.


(I) The Editor, Viewer and other modules (09)

I) 01 The interoperability with and STAAD Foundation Advanced has been improved by providing all the functionality in a single application, STAAD Foundation Advanced, simply using the STAAD.Pro license activates the limited capabilities or the STAAD Foundation Advanced license to access all its capabilities.

I) 02 The processing of the STAAD command STAAD SPACE FRAME in the Editor has been improved to ensure that processing the text FRAME does not cause the program to crash.

I) 03 The selection of multiple load cases for inclusion in a foundation design with STAAD Foundation Advanced has been made easier by allowing multiple load cases to be selected simultaneously and added or removed from the collection to be designed.

I) 04 The Editor has been updated to ensure that if the line of characters exceeds the 79 limit, then additional characters are highlighted in grey as they may not be processed during analysis.

I) 05 The Editor has been updated to support non-ASCII characters such as Chinese encoding.

I) 06 The Editor has been updated to handle the definition of a wind load so that it is grouped and can be collapsed with the grouping icons on the left of the text.

I) 07 A restructuring of the Editor architecture has improved the processing of Code Snippets which would on occasion cause the Editor to freeze.

I) 08 The restructuring of the Editor architecture has significantly improved the overall performance in processing the STAAD data.

I) 09 The Editor has been updated to ensure that if the file contains Support definitions followed by a Time History definition this are marked as separate collapsible blocks. Whilst these were not being separated previously, this had no impact on any analysis and was purely a display issue.


(J) OpenSTAAD (01)

J) 01 The Macro Editor has been replaced with a new module based on Win-Wrap Basic.


(K) Documentation and Printing (01)

K) 01 The documentation for the AS 4100 steel design code has been updated to include details of the a continuous PBRACE C-Type.


(L) licensing / security / installation (10)

L) 01 New About dialog provided more comprehensive details.

L) 02 Title bar identifies license being used.

L) 03 The base STAAD.Pro application has been enhanced to support all primary steel and concrete design codes so that additional design codes licenses are no longer required, except for nuclear and advanced concrete design.

L) 04 STAAD.Pro is built now only for 64 bit operating systems such as Windows 10-64 bit.

L) 05 The terminology of Personal and Project Portals have been updated to the current Bentley terminology of 'CONNECTION Centre' and 'ProjectWise Project Portal'.

L) 06 The STAAD Advanced Analysis Plus add-on license has been merged with the standard STAAD.Pro license to produce a full new license that supports all the the standard and advanced capabilities in STAAD.Pro in a single license.

L) 07 A new CONNECT Adviser service has been provided for users signed in with their CONNECT credentials that gives quick access to content on Bentley Communities, Learn Server and YouTube.

L) 08 STAAD.Pro now supports use of a time limited Trial License.

L) 09 A new service is provided as part of Bentley CONNECT such that notification of new versions is provided automatically in the CONNECTION Centre whenever a new build of STAAD.Pro is available.

L) 10 The installation has updated the sample files such the the US example files now use AISC 360 for steel design and the UK Examples use Eurocode 3.