STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Readme


The following identifies the new features and enhancements that have been added in the CONNECT Edition V22 Update 4 of STAAD.Pro. These features have been selected to allow STAAD.Pro to deliver a greater range of capabilities required by engineers around the world.

General Developments

  • Workflow navigation buttons have been added to allow you to navigate backward and forward
  • You can control which workflow items appear in the Workflows tab
  • You can compare two restore points to see the differences in the STAAD input files
  • You can now remove missing items from the recent files list on the Start page

Features Affecting Preprocessor

  • A move tool has been added in the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler
  • Supports can now be added along a reference line in the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler

Features Affecting the Analysis and Design Engine

  • The solver used in STAAD.Pro has been consolidated to the Advanced solver, regardless of the license available (the Basic solver has been deprecated, but STAAD.Pro Advanced features do still require that license)
  • Cold-formed steel design per the 2016 edition of the AISI code is now available
  • The Belgian National Annex to Eurocode 3 has been updated to the 2018 edition
  • Static seismic loads and response spectra per the Indian specification IS 1893 Part 4 (2015) are now available
  • Steel design per the Russian specification SP 16.13330.2017 is now available as a Technology Preview

Features Affecting Postprocessing

  • You can specify RAM Connection templates in Connection tags

For more information on new features, refer to STAAD.Pro > Release Report in the online help document. To open the help document in STAAD.Pro choose Help > Contents.

Additional update information can be found in the Revision History document.

Technical Preview: Technology Previews provide users preliminary access to features currently in development and not QA certified and therefore not yet ready for production. These features are provided at no additional charge to promote awareness of a feature or technology to be deployed in a future release. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions. To learn more about Technology Previews or to gain access, please create a Service Request (be sure to include "Technology Preview" in the Description field).

Additional licenses may be required for some of the above features:

  • (*) 'STAAD.Pro Advanced'. This license provides access to all standard and advanced capabilities of STAAD.Pro
  • (**) 'STAAD.Beava'. This provides access to the bridge loading workflow and capabilities.
  • (***) 'Connection Design'. This provides access to the steel connection design workflow and capabilities.
  • (****) 'Structural SELECT Entitlements'. Included with a current subscription.