STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Time History Load dialog

This dialog is used to apply a force or moment time history load to the selected nodes.

Opens when the Time History Load tool is selected in the Time History Loads group on the Node ribbon tab.

Note: This tool is inactive unless the active load is a time history a time history load case.
Load Select the load case or load group to which this load item belongs.
Definition Select an existing time history load definition.
Note: Only force or moment time history load definitions will be listed.
Start time Type the start for this load (in seconds). This is with respect to the time zero of the selected load definition.
Factor The Force, Moment, or Acceleration Amplitude at this joint and direction will be multiplied by this factor (default = 1.0).
Note: For accelerations, if the amplitude-time curve was in g’s, please use the Scale Factor in the Define Time History command to convert g’s to the acceleration units used in that command. This is recommended due to possible unit changes between that command and this command.
Direction Select the global direction of the nodal load.