STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Data Ribbon Tab

Contains tools for editing and manipulating data in the view window, current spreadsheet, and output panel.

Table 1. Model group
Tool name Description Shortcut
Select all Selects all model objects. <Ctrl+A>
Selected Objects Hides any unselected members in the view window and spreadsheet. Select again to unhide those members. <Ctrl+H>
Invert selection Inverts the selection set so unselected members are now selected and selected members are no longer selected. <Ctrl+I>
Select by description Selects all objects with a description that matches that of the current selected objects.
Select multiple structures Opens the Multiple Structures dialog, which displays a list of all independently supported structures detected in the current model.
Snap options Contains a sub-menu list of snap points. Snap points indicate the locations along model objects where the placement cursor for new objects will "snap" to. Currently selected snap objects are shaded with a darker color.
Nodes Contains a sub-menu of node selection methods.

Contains a sub-menu of member selection methods.
Surfaces Contains a sub-menu of surface selection methods.
Translational Repeat Opens the Translational Repeat dialog, which is used to make a copy of a selected portion of the model along an axis direction (i.e., translational copy). <Ctrl+C>
Delete Deletes the currently selected objects from the model. <Delete>
Options Opens the Configuration dialog, which is used to set units, analysis model options, and model display controls.

Opens the Groups dialog, which is used to manage groups of model objects.  
Table 2. Spreadsheet group
Tool name Description
Copy Copies the current spreadsheet selection to the Windows clipboard. This can be pasted to other spreadsheet cells or rows or to external programs.
Paste Pastes the Windows clipboard contents to the spreadsheet.
Cut Copies and deletes the current spreadsheet selection to the Windows clipboard.
Fill column Copies the current cell value to all cells in the column.
Fill selection Selects elements with the same data as to the marked block. This command will select and add elements to the spreadsheet if they are not currently selected.
Find and select Filter by cursor position.
Value Used to perform mathematical operations on the current cell value or to evaluate a new value. The mathematical operators can be used to calculate values for the current spreadsheet cell.
Delete Selected Selects all model objects which have the same column data as the selection. All non-matching items are removed from the selection.
Clear All Deletes the data from the selected cell or row.
Adjust Adjusts the column widths to match the widest content in each column.
Table 3. Output group
Tool name Description
Copy Copies the message drawer contents to the Windows clipboard. This is useful when contacting technical support with errors.
Clear Clears all messages in the message drawer.