STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Warning - Update Model dialog

When opening a physical model that was created using an earlier version of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, you will be prompted to update the older model to the current supported format.

Select action Select what you want to the program to do when you click OK:
  • Update to current format - this option will allow you to continue in the Physical Modeler workflow. However, analytical model load data will be lost.
  • Drop Physical Model - this option will break the link with the physical model. You will maintain any load data created within the Analytical Modeling workflow but will no longer be able to use the Physical Modeling workflow for this model.
Note: If you click Cancel, the dialog will close along with STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler. You can proceed in the Analytical Modeling workflow without dropping the physical model. However, no load data may be edited.