STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Node circular generation dialog

This dialog is used to generate a circular arc of from a selection of three nodes.

Opens when the Circular Generation tool is selected on the Node ribbon tab in the Edit group.

You must select three nodes not along a single line to define the plane and radius of the nodes to be generated.
  • The first node you select is the center of the circle.
  • The second node selected creates a vector with the first node perpendicular to the circle (i.e., the axis of the arc).
  • The third node is the starting point of the arc and thus determines the radius of the arc.

The new nodes will lie in the plane of nodes 1-3 and perpendicular to nodes 1-2.

Number of Nodes Type the number of nodes along the circular arc.
Total arch angle Type the angle of the circular arc, in degrees.