STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Nodal Enforced Displacements dialog

This dialog is used to the effect of support movement on the structure (i.e., support settlement) at the selected nodes.

Opens when the Enforced Displacements tool is selected on the Node ribbon tab in the Loads group.

Note: This tool is inactive if the active load case is a parametric load case (e.g., seismic, response spectrum, or time history).

At least one node must be selected prior to selecting this tool.

Property Value
Load Select the load case or load group to which this load will be added.
Tip: The current load case or group is the default selection. This is displayed in the program status bar and can be changed on the View ribbon tab in the Active Load group.
TX Translation along the global X axis.
TY Translation along the global Y axis.
TZ Translation along the global Z axis.
RX Rotation about the global X axis.
RY Rotation about the global Y axis.
RZ Rotation about the global Z axis.