STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Move dialog

This dialog is used to translate selected model objects with respect to a coordinate system's axes.

Opens when the Move tool is selected on the Model ribbon tab in the Edit group.

Coordinate system Select the coordinate system reference to use.
Displacement vector

Click Select to manually identify existing nodes or grid intersections as the start and end points to define the displacement vector. The difference in these two coordinates in the selected system is used as the displacement vector.

Alternatively, you may type the components of the displacement vector in the selected coordinate system.

X Vector component along the X axis.
Y Vector component along the Y axis.
Z Vector component along the Z axis.
Retain connections Select this option to modify any connected model objects (members, surfaces, etc.) with the move operation. Those objects that are not selected as part of the move object but are connected to those selected objects will be modified such that the nodal connections are maintained.
Preview Click to display a preview of the operation using the current parameters. You can make changes and Preview as often as needed before confirming the operation.