STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Mirror dialog

This dialog is used to generate a "mirrored" copy of a selected portion of the model about a plane.

Opens when the Mirror tool is selected on the Model ribbon tab in the Edit group.

Property Value
Mirror plane Select the global axes plane about which the model will by copied.
Mirror action Select if the mirror will be a Copy of the model selection of if you want to Move the selection to a mirrored position.
Locate mirror plane Specify the distance from the origin perpendicular to the selected mirror plane.

Click Select to select an existing node or grid intersection to define the mirror plane. Alternatively, you can type arbitrary coordinates of any point.

Property Value
X Distance for an YZ mirror plane.
Y Distance for an XZ mirror plane.
Z Distance for an XY mirror plane.
Preview Click to display a preview of the operation using the current parameters. You can make changes and Preview as often as needed before confirming the operation.