STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Translational Repeat dialog

This dialog is used to make a copy of a selected portion of the model along an axis direction (i.e., translational copy).

Opens when either:
  • the Translation Repeat tool is selected on the Model ribbon tab in the Edit group.
  • you select Translational Repeat from the pop-up right-click menu in the view area
Property Value
Coordinate system Select the coordinate system reference to use.
Along axis Select a direction along the reference coordinate system in which you want to produce copies.
Copies Type the number of copies you want to create.
Spacing Type the spacing between each copy along the selected direction.
Generation Flags Select the structural data that you want copied to the newly generated elements:
  • All — Uses all properties assigned to the selected object (e.g., loads, properties, design parameters, member releases, etc.) are copied
  • Geometry OnlyOnly geometry data is copied. That is, nodes, member and element incidences are generated but no properties, loads, etc. will be assigned to the new objects.
  • Geometry and Property Only — Only geometry data and property assignments are copied. All other assignments (e.g., loads and design parameters) are not copied.
Open Base This option instructs the program to not generate linking members at the base of the structure (i.e., the lowest nodes in the selection).
Preview Click to display a preview of the operation using the current parameters. You can make changes and Preview as often as needed before confirming the operation.