STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Section dialog

This dialog is used to add sections to the catalog.

Opens when the Add section tool in the Sections and Materials group on the Catalog ribbon tab is selected.

Property Value
Source Select one of the following options:
  • Catalog - Used to select sections from the Section Property Catalog.
  • Model - Used to select catalog sections previously added to your current model.
  • User Database - Used to select prismatic or custom sections previously saved in your user database.
Type For Catalog, select the type of member to use:
  • Standard — Catalog shapes.
    Tip: Standard sections are available through Bentley's SPSC application. Custom sections can be added using this application.
  • Prismatic — Custom shapes by template.
  • Generic — Provide section property values for a custom section.

Standard Type

Property Value
Country Select the country where the catalog shape is produced.
Material Select the material of the shape.
Category Select the material category:
  • Hot Rolled
  • Cold Rolled
Specification Select the specifying organization and other
Version Select the version of the specification.
Manufacturer Select the manufacturer if multiple are available.
Table Select the shape table.
Name Select the shape name from the table.

Prismatic Type

Property Value
Shape Select the general shape to use from the drop-down list:

Rolled Parallel Flange I



Double Angle

Rolled Hollow Rectangle

Hollow Circle

Rolled Tee

Solid Rectangle

Solid Circle

Coldformed Channel

Coldformed Channel with Lips

Coldformed Zee

Coldformed Zee with Lips

Bent Plate

Dimensions Enter the dimensions for the selected prismatic Shape.
Name Type a section name for the prismatic section.

Generic type

Property Value
Name Type a section name for the generic section.
Ay Area used for shear calculations along the major axis.
Ax The cross-sectional area perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.
Az Area used for shear calculations along the minor axis.
Ixx Moment of inertia about the major bending axis.
Iyy Moment of inertia about the minor bending axis.
Izz Torsional constant for twist about the longitudinal axis.