STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Region Variable Pressure Load dialog

This dialog is used to apply a linearly varying pressure load to the selected regions.

Opens when the Variable Pressure tool is selected on the Region ribbon tab from the Loads group.

Property Value
Load Select the load case or load group to which this load will be added.
Tip: The current load case or group is the default selection. This is displayed in the program status bar and can be changed on the View ribbon tab in the Active Load group.
Direction The vector along which the pressure acts:
  • Global X
  • Global Y
  • Global Z
  • local z (perindicular to the surface)
Variation along element How the variation in the pressure is defined:
  • Joint - select three nodes of the surface and assign a pressure value to each.
  • Local X / Y - Assign the initial and final pressure magnitude to the minimum and maximum nodal coordinates in the selected local axis.
Node n Select the node number
Pressure n Corresponding pressure at the node.