STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Region Hydrostatic Pressure Load dialog

This dialog is used to apply a load based on fluid hydrostatic pressure to the selected surface regions.

Opens when the Hydrostatic tool is selected on the Region ribbon tab in the Loads group.

A hydrostatic load is a linearly varying pressure load. This feature allows you to apply them parametrically based on fluid density and then converts this into variable pressure load for use by the program.

Property Value
Load Select the Load Case where the hydrostatic pressure load is added.
Density (rho) Unit weight, ρ, of the fluid. By default, the value of water is used.
Zero pressure level Height in Global Y coordinates where the zero pressure isoline will be located (i.e., the fluid / air boundary).
Face Select the direction of the pressure load with respect to the surface local axes.