STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Member Concentrated Moment dialog

This dialog is used to assign concentrated moments in the same direction along a member.

Opens when the Concentrated Moment tool is selected on the Member ribbon tab in the Loads group.

Property Value
Load Select the load case or load group to which this load will be added.
Tip: The current load case or group is the default selection. This is displayed in the program status bar and can be changed on the View ribbon tab in the Active Load group.
Direction Select the direction in which the forces act:
  • Global X / Y / Z – to apply loads parallel to the selected global axis.
  • Local x / y / z – to apply loads parallel to the selected local axis. Local x loads are axial to a member.
Note: Loads assigned each time this dialog is selected must all act in the same direction (either positive or negative). To assign loads in different directions, the tool may be used again for the same load group or in different load groups.
As a percentage Set this option to specify distances to loads as a percentage of the member length.
Loads Click the field to display a table for entering load values and distances:
  • Load - type the magnitude of the load. Negative values may be used to reverse the direction.
  • Distance - type the distance to the point along the member where this load acts. Enter as a ratio (less than 1.0) if the As a percentage option is selected.