STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Assign Mat Foundation dialog

This dialog is used to specify a support a surface on a soil foundation.

Opens when the Mat Foundation tool is selected in the Mat and Edge Supports group on the Surface ribbon tab.

Direction Select the direction in which the foundation reaction acts.

If X or Y or Z is selected, then a spring supports are used in that direction plus 3 other directions receive a fixed support. For example, if Y is selected, then FY is supported by a spring; FX and FZ and MY are fixed supports; and MX and MZ are free.

If X-only, Y-only, or Z-only are selected then only a spring support in that direction is generated.

Subgrade Modulus Type the stiffness used for the soil on which the foundation is bearing. This term is measured and expressed as load intensity per unit of displacement.
Axial Behavior Select the axial behavior along the selected Direction:
  • Complete - the mat foundation is capable of resisting both positive and negative force along the selected Direction
  • Compression Only - the mat foundation is capable of only resisting compressive force (i.e., towards the joint) along the selected Direction (use this option for foundations which cannot resist uplift)