STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Add Load Combination dialog

This dialog is used to add a load case which consists of factored combinations of loads from other load cases.

Opens when the Load Combination tool is selected in the Loads group on the Model ribbon tab.

Control Description
Name Type a name for the load combination.
Description Type a description used to annotate the load combination.
Type Select the combination method to use for this load combination:
  • Linear – A pure algebraic load combination in which the results of all constituent cases will be algebraically added.

    Ex.: f1×L1+f2×L2+f3×L3

  • SRSS – The square root of the sum of the squares method of combination.

    Ex. f1×L1+fSRSS×f2L22+f3L32

  • ABS – Algebraic combination of absolute values.

    Ex.: f1×|L1|+f2×|L2|+f3×|L3|

SRSS factor The load factor coefficient, fSRSS, used for the square root value of the sum of the squares.
Load case factor Click the field to display a check list of all current load cases.
Factors Here you can specify the multiplier (factor fi) for each load case. You can also specify if the load case is included within the SRSS portion for SRSS type combinations.