STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To update the physical model with section designs

To update the physical model with section designs as selected in STAAD.Pro, use the following procedure.

If you have used the code design features in STAAD.Pro to select sections, you update the physical model with those changes.
  1. In STAAD.Pro, select Physical Modeling in the Workflows panel.

    The STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler window opens. The Member Profile Design Selection dialog opens.
  2. Select the Default selection criteria to use for selecting members. This sets in the selection out of the recommended design profiles. By default, Max Iz is selected. For each physical member using one of a selection of methods in the drop-down, you can sort the recommended design profiles.
  3. (Optional) Click the Change Selection drop-down to see a table of the analytical members, the corresponding physical members, and the section selection for each based on the selection criteria.
    To… Do this…
    update with a design member from STAAD.Pro check one of the Action check boxes corresponding to the design section you want to use
    Note: For physical members composed of multiple analytical members, only one profile may be selected. A design may result in multiple profiles if the FIXED GROUP command is not used for the STAAD.Pro design.
    retain the section initially used in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler clear one of the Action check boxes for that physical member. All checkboxes for that physical member will also be cleared.
    Tip: You can right-click to select one of the spreadsheet fill methods used elsewhere in .STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler. These allow you to quickly check or clear the Action check boxes for the entire structure or for a selected set of members.
  4. Click Commit. The physical model sections are updated to the selected profiles from the design.
The operation of updating the sections changes the physical model, which in turn changes the underlying analytical model. Therefore, the design data is no longer available due to this change.
Tip: You can repeat this procedure any time you re-open the physical model in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler with design results from STAAD.Pro. The sections will be updated again accordingly.