STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To add a mass model load group

To add a load group for modeling mass in your structure, use the following procedure.

Mass modeling in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler is done through load groups with the type mass. Analysis of seismic and response spectra load cases require a the mass of the structure.
  1. On the Model ribbon tab, select the Load Group tool in the Loads group.

    The Add load group dialog opens.
  2. Type a unique Name for the new load group.
    Tip: This is helpful in identifying the load group.
  3. (Optional) Type a Description for the load group.
  4. Select the Mass as load group Category.
  5. (Optional) Type self-weight multipliers in each global direction if this load case should contain self weight in the mass model.
  6. Click OK. The load group is created and selected as the current load group.
You can now add individual load items into the mass model load group.
Note: You can add additional mass load groups to the structure. All mass load groups will be combined to form the mass model used for seismic and response spectrum load cases.

Load group details can be viewed and edited by selecting the Load groups tool in the Reference group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.