STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To specify member rotation

To specify the rotation angle of a member about its longitudinal axis (i.e., beta angle), do the following.

The beta angle sets the rotation of the member about its local x-axis (longitudinal axis). The default orientation of a member is with the local y-axis parallel to the Global Y axis.
  1. Select the members which all have the same rotation angles.
  2. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Rotate member cross section drop-down tool in the Edit group.

  3. Select one of the rotation tools from the drop-down list.
    Tool Description
    Reset Rotation

    Rotates the section to zero about the longitudinal axis.

    Rotate 90°
    Rotate the section 90 clockwise about the longitudinal axis.
    Rotate 180°
    Rotate the section 180 clockwise about the longitudinal axis.
    Rotate 270°
    Rotate the section 270 clockwise about the longitudinal axis.
    Custom rotation

    Opens the Modify member orientation dialog, which is used to specify an arbitrary rotation angle.

  4. If you select the Custom rotation tool, type a Rotation angle (in degrees) and click OK.
    Tip: Rotation is clockwise about the local x axis. Negative values may be used for counterclockwise rotation.
The member is now oriented as specified.

You can also make changes to the rotation angle by selecting the Section tool in the Members group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.