STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To apply a nodal load

To assign a concentrated load or moment at a node, use the following procedure.

Nodal loads (i.e., joint loads) –both forces and moments– may be applied to any free joint of a structure. Any number of loads may be applied on a single node, in which case the loads will be additive on that node.
  1. Select the nodes which all have the same load.
  2. On the Nodal ribbon tab, select the Nodal Load tool in the Loads group.

    The Add Nodal Load dialog opens.
  3. Select the Load group or case to which the load will be added from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the Reference CS (coordinate system). Select either the WCS (global coordinate system) or a user-created coordinate system.
  5. Select if the Direction of the loads along the selected coordinate system are parallel to the coordinate system or oriented toward the coordinate system origin.

    Direction options for nodal loads with respect to the selected Reference CS

  6. Type the force and moment magnitudes acting along the global directions at the nodes.

    Positive force values are taken in the direction of the axes. Positive moment directions are taken counter-clockwise about the axes.

    Note: Capital XYZ are used to designate global coordinate systems where as lowercase xyz are used to designate user coordinate systems.
  7. Click OK. The dialog closes and the loads are assigned to the nodes.

You can edit nodal loads in the current load group or load case by selecting the Point Loads and Moments tool in the Node group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.