STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Right-click Pop-up Menu

Right-clicking in the model view area opens a special menu with controls for selection, snaps, and object manipulation.

Note: These controls may also be found on the Data ribbon tab, in the Model group.
Table 1. View window right-click pop-up menu items
Item Description Shortcut
Select all Selects all model objects. <Ctrl+A>
Selected Objects Hides any unselected members in the view window and spreadsheet. Select again to unhide those members. <Ctrl+H>
Invert selection Inverts the selection set so unselected members are now selected and selected members are no longer selected. <Ctrl+I>
Select by description Selects all objects with a description that matches that of the current selected objects.
Nodes Contains a sub-menu of node selection methods.

Contains a sub-menu of member selection methods.
Surfaces Contains a sub-menu of surface selection methods.
Snap options Contains a sub-menu list of snap points. Snap points indicate the locations along model objects where the placement cursor for new objects will "snap" to. Currently selected snap objects are shaded with a darker color.
Translational Repeat Opens the Translational Repeat dialog, which is used to make a copy of a selected portion of the model along an axis direction (i.e., translational copy). <Ctrl+C>
Delete Deletes the currently selected objects from the model. <Delete>
Options Opens the Configuration dialog, which is used to set units, analysis model options, and model display controls.