STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

ISM Limitations and Assumptions in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler

STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler supports the following items for synching with ISM.

  1. Physical Members
  2. Section properties (standard profiles from Section Property Catalog, SPC, and parametric profiles which become prismatic profiles)
  3. Material properties
  4. Member end releases
  5. Member alignments and offsets
  6. Node supports
  7. Surface definitions
  8. Surface openings
  9. Surface thickness
  10. Loads

For Standard profiles, STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler supports the SPC catalog version used to launch the physical modeler.

For parametric sections, STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler supports the following ISM shapes
  • I,
  • C,
  • L,
  • DoubleL,
  • SchifflerizedL,
  • Hollow Rectangle,
  • Hollow Circle,
  • Solid Rectangle,
  • Solid Circle,
  • T,
  • RoundedC,
  • RoundedZ,
  • RoundedLippedZ,
  • RoundedLippedC,
  • RoundedHollowRectangle,
  • BentPlate

Notes on Loads in ISM

Compatible loads in ISM will be synchronized when the Loads option is selected on the ISM tab of the Options dialog.

Nodal loads are exported as a set of vectors parallel to global coordinates at a node. So inclined loads, regardless of how they are specified in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler, are thus projected to force and moment vectors parallel to or about the global axes. The components of these loads are displayed in (X,Y,Z) format as Force and Moment in the Structural Synchronizer application for review.

Variable pressure loads and hydrostatic loads are converted to equivalent trapezoidal loads in ISM.