STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Mouse View Controls

You can use your mouse buttons to quickly manipulate the model view.

Click to select or perform most other actions on the model.

Note: Throughout this documentation, "click" refers to the left mouse button.

Right-click and drag to rotate the model. Left-right direction rotates the YX plane around the Z (up) axis (default orientation). Up-down direction rotates the positive Z-axis perpendicular to your screen.

Double-click the middle mouse button to reset the rotation to front view (i.e., view from the negative Y-axis).

Click-and-drag the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) to pan the model in the view.

Scroll up or down using the scroll wheel to zoom in or out, respectively.

Hold <Ctrl> while scrolling up or down using the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the text size in the view window.