STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To assign linear supports to surface edges

To assign supports at evenly spaced points along the edges of a surface and surface openings, use the following procedure.

A linear edge support can be assigned to the outer edge of a surface as well as an edge along an opening.
  1. Select a surface and at least two adjacent vertex nodes. These define the edge that is to be supported.
  2. On the Surfaces ribbon tab, select the Linear tool in the Mat and Edge Supports group.

    The Assign Custom Linear Support dialog opens.
  3. Select the Support type from the drop-down list.
  4. For Springs, select the Axial behavior option and then check the direction in which the springs act.
  5. Type the number of Segments to use along the edge. The edge is divided into this number of equal lengths and an analytical node will be generated at each using the support conditions specified.
  6. Specify the support conditions for the support type:
    Support type… Do this…
    Restraints Check the options to assign a restraint in that degree of freedom. Unchecked degrees of freedom will be free to translate or rotate, respectively.
    Springs Type a spring constant for each degree of freedom.
  7. Click OK.

Edge supports can be reviewed and edited by selecting the Surface edge supports tool in the Surfaces group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.